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Company for Location & Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets (Israel)

Company for Location & Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets (Israel)

A list of approximately 7,000 names of owners of bank accounts and other properties in Israel that were not claimed after World War II have been listed on the website of Hashava, the Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets Ltd. Hashava was established in Israel in 2006 by the Holocaust Victims Assets Law.

The list of names was cross-checked with the list of victims at Yad Vashem, and only their heirs or other designated persons can apply. The committee's charge will last 15 years, and it will assist in searching for heirs and other beneficiaries.

Any person who thinks they may be entitled to make a claim as an heir of a Holocaust victim, regardless of whether or not the assets in question are listed, should contact the organization via its website. Please note that this list does not deal with persons or properties and accounts outside of Israel.

The list and application for restitution is available at and completed forms can also be returned by post to PO BOX 927, BNAI BRAK, 51108, ISRAEL. Applications for names that do not appear on the list will be accepted.