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Intergenerational conference

Intergenerational conference

The AJR, together with the Second Generation Network and the Kindertransport Association, co-organised an historic inter-generational gathering of Holocaust refugees and survivors and their descendants on Sunday 18 January 2015 at the Institute of Education.

The one-day Holocaust Generations Conference brought together the families of Shoah victims to hear from speakers addressing a number of post-Holocaust subjects, to meet people with similar backgrounds and to share experiences. The conference covered several subjects of interest including history, psychology, genealogy, as well as highlighting the culture and legacy of the refugees and survivors.

As the first generation community dwindles, this timely conference also explored ways of commemorating the Holocaust and preserving the heritage of the refugees and survivors for future generations.

As part of the event, the UCL IoE presented the preliminary findings of the UCL IoE’s Centre for Holocaust Education’s ground-breaking research into the impact of Holocaust education on school students, based on a questionnaire sent to more than 8,000 11-18 year olds throughout the country.

The day also featured a variety of panel discussions and two sets of simultaneous workshops involving a broad range of topics, including the contribution of the refugees to Britain, Holocaust-era archives, 30 years of Holocaust film, the Listeners, unearthing Treblinka, Holocaust-era art restitution, oral testimony, support for carers, and the psychological impact of surviving the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Generations Conference website will continue to display information about the speakers and their presentations.