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Continental Friends

There follow reports from recent get-togethers.

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Northern Groups

Bradford Continental Friends

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Finest Salt Beef in the Western Hemisphere
We were pleased to welcome Chris Tweddle, our new social worker. We reminisced about the food of our youth from grandmothers’ kitchens: home-made spekulaas and waffles with vanilla, chicken soup from Tesco’s everyday value to Fortnum & Mason Gold Star quality. On the question of salt beef, Wendy declared that hers was the finest in the Western hemisphere and she was leant on to bring salt beef sandwiches on a future occasion to embellish her already legendary ‘delicious teas’.

Broughton/Crumpsall Continental Friends

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Cheshire Continental Friends

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First Impressions
Wendy Bott, who had recently taken over from Susanne Green as AJR Groups Co-ordinator, invited all 22 people present to say who they were and from where they had originated. She then suggested we have a discussion on ’First Impressions?’ Our interesting discussion, at the home of Peter and Heather Kurer, was followed by a lovely afternoon tea.

Didsbury Continental Friends

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Kinder Play

We had the pleasure to meet Emma Degan, in Manchester to play the role of Helga in Kindertransport at the Opera House. It was most interesting to talk to her and she was keen to hear stories from members of our group.


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Exploring Roots
A small group of enthusiastic members gathered at the second meeting of the group. We explored our roots as well as present-day problems in Europe. It was also an opportunity to hear about AJR social work services from Myrna and Jim.


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My First Meeting
I really enjoyed my first AJR meeting. Hearing members’ stories brought many of our own stories back. And they must, of course, be repeated lest we forget what happened in those terrible years of the war and its aftermath. The rest of the meeting too was very enjoyable, discussing the imminent referendum over a sumptuous tea hosted by Eva Baer. Once again, thank you for allowing me to attend your meeting and making me so welcome. I have been hearing from my son Karl how much he enjoys meeting you and I can now see why.


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Yom Tov Nosh
Life begins at 80! What more can one say! It’s wonderful to see everyone who has originated from different countries together and to hear the stories of their childhood and adult life. Had not Agnes Isaacs opened her home to us, this wouldn’t have taken place. Many thanks to her for cooking us a wonderful lunch and her hospitality.

Glasgow Book Club

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Enjoyable Book, Superb Tea
We enjoyed Khaled Hosseini’s And the Mountains Echoed as well as the superb tea hosted by Eva Szirmai. We meet every two months and new members are always welcome.

Glasgow CF

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West Enders and South Siders
We enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon in the beautiful surroundings of the Botanic Gardens. Some of the West Enders met new friends from the South Side for the first time and found they had lots in common. An event to be repeated!

Harrogate/York CF

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Report on Holocaust Commission

Meeting at the Schatzbergers’ home, we were told by Inge Little of her attendance at the Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission in Wembley. We were joined by University of York postgraduates Sebastian and Hugh, who are making an educational video based on survivors’ experiences. Some of our members agreed to be interviewed.


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A Hearty Discussion and a Lovely Afternoon Tea
There was a full house at Olive Rosner’s as members enjoyed a hearty discussion and a lovely afternoon tea sampling baking from the new kosher bakery in Leeds. We wished Olive a steady recovery following her recent illness.


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Leeds and Manchester Mutual Friends
Members of the Leeds and Manchester groups met for lunch at Brackmans Bakery, followed by a visit to the Manchester Jewish Museum to see an exhibition by Jewish artists including Chagall and Soutine. Some members from across the Pennines found ‘mutual friends’ from their birth places and had even attended the same cheder!

Leeds (Continental Friends)

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The Middle East Conflict and a Legendary Afternoon Tea
We listened to, and participated in, a most interesting talk given by expert Neil Solden on Israel and the Middle East with particular reference to the Gaza conflict – all nicely finished off with one of host Barbara Cammerman’s legendary afternoon teas.


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First Impressions
This was our first social gathering with new Groups Co-ordinator Wendy Bott. The topic for discussion was aptly entitled ‘First Impressions’. A lively debate was held by the 16 people present. We look forward to the interesting ideas Wendy has for meetings and outings and wish her well in her new position.

Manchester (Continental Friends)

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Unique Creation of Holocaust Memorials
Antonia Stowe, a most gifted artist, spoke to us about her unique creation of Holocaust memorials constructed with six million + buttons. The project is still in its early stages; eventually the memorials will be housed at Huddersfield University. Substantial funds for the project still have to be raised.


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Various Ways of Helping Members
Susan Cohen of the Six Point Foundation told us about the various ways in which they have been able to help members. We were further delighted to welcome some of our Gateshead members, who came along for the first time to hear Susan’s talk. A very interesting and informative meeting.


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Tracing Missing Loved Ones
We enjoyed a most interesting talk by WWI and WWII researcher Karen Holloway, who told us all about her work and how to trace missing loved ones. Following the meeting, she has already provided a great deal of information for one member regarding an uncle who perished in WWI, and several other members are now beginning their own research.

Whitefield/Prestwich Continental Friends

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Down Food Memory Lane
On our walk down Food Memory Lane, members recalled their family’s favourite food and recipes such as Austrian fresh-made lochshen, spetzels, shturchels, fresh-baked challas, matza torte and potato blintzes. One member recalled his father selecting fish straight from the tank, while a Second Generation member recalled her father’s favourite appetiser - herring and apple with fried onions and potatoes, a recipe from his childhood in a Polish shtetl he passed on to her.