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Article II Fund improvements

The Claims Conference has announced major improvements in the eligibility criteria for the Article II Fund. The Fund provides the equivalent of a compensation pension to Holocaust survivors who were interned in ghettos or concentration camps.

With immediate effect, only the income of the applicant – and not their spouse – will be considered when calculating household income. Previously, a couple’s joint income could not exceed $21,000, or $32,000 if both partners were Holocaust victims. The income of the applicant should not be more than $16,000. Additionally, from 1 October 2007 social security, old age or incapacity pensions will be disregarded as income.

The Conference estimates that as a result of these changes $250 million (£125m) in payments will be distributed to an additional 6,000 survivors worldwide over the next 10 years. The Claims Conference is writing to previous applicants, whose claims have been ‘on hold’, to inform them that they may now be entitled to receive the monthly payments of $320 or £160.