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French railway litigation

In a setback to the families of Holocaust victims hoping to claim compensation from the French government and railways (SNCF) a judge, at the end of March, overturned a ruling that French railways must compensate the family of a Jewish man transported to an internment camp in Nazi-occupied France.

In a landmark verdict last June a court ordered SNCF and the French government to pay 61,000 euros (£41,500) to the family of Georges Lipietz, a Polish-born Jew arrested by French police and taken by train to a transit camp near Paris in 1944.

As well as its collaborationist role in deporting some 76,000 Jews to concentration camps in Eastern Europe prospective plaintiffs argue that the SNCF acted out of greed, pointing to evidence it charged French authorities the price of a third-class rail ticket for each person loaded into its cattle wagons.