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15 Apr 2007 - Hungarian Compensation

Hungarian Compensation

The deadline to apply for the Hungarian government compensation programme expired on 31 December 2006. Under the terms of the law that provides for the compensation, the Hungarian government will make lump sum awards of $1,800 (HUF 400,000) to the living spouse, child or parent of a Holocaust victim who died due to the ‘political despotism of the Hungarian authority or an official person, or if the injured person died during deportation or forced labour ’.

In cases where there are no such living relatives then a living sibling is entitled to half the compensation amount.

Updates on applications submitted prior to the deadline should be sent to: The Central Compensation Office, 1116 Budapest, Hauszmann Alajos utca 1. The telephone number is 0036 1 371 8900, fax is 0036 1 371 89 12 and email