AJR Seminar

Wednesday 14 September

10.00 -1 1.30 am Setting the Scene:

Jewish life in pre-war Europe

 Germany - Trudy Gold

 Central Europe - Professor Gideon Reuveni

 History of the AJR - Tony Grenville and Bea Lewkowicz

Chair: Susan Cohen

11.30-11.45 am Coffee Break

11.45am-1.00 pm The Heritage, culture and rich history of the Jewish émigrés from Central Europe

 Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

 Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger

Chair: Frank Harding

1.00 -2.00 pm Lunch

2.00 -3.15 pm Journeys:

Examining the journeys, experiences and lives of AJR members

 Kinder - Ernest Simon

 Domestic - Hortense Gordon

 Child survivor - Joan Salter

 Refugee - William Kaczynski (interned on the Isle of Man) / Peter Kurer (the role of the Quakers)

Chair: Gaby Glassman

3.15-3.30 pm Tea Break

3.30-4.45 pm The Contribution to Britain:

Recognising and celebrating the contribution to Britain of the refugee community

 Lord Dubs (Kind rescued by Sir Nicholas Winton)

 Naomi Gryn (daughter of Rabbi Hugo Gryn)

 Dr James N Dreyfus (Rabbi Leo Baeck’s great grandson)

 Fritz Lustig (Listener)

Chair: Michael Newman

4.45-6.15 pm Refugee Connections:

Friendship and partnership: examining the relationships with some of the AJR’s partners

 British Academy - Lord Stern

 Central British Fund - Lilian Levy

 World Jewish Relief - Paul Anticoni

 Council for At-Risk Academics - Stephen Wordsworth

 Wiener Library - Kat Hubschmann

 Belsize Square Synagogue - Rob Nothman

Chair: Philippa Strauss

6.15-7.15 pm Reception

Thursday 15 September

10.15-11.30 am The AJR’s support for the future of Holocaust Education:

Perpetuating the legacy: how Holocaust educators are planning for the future

 National Holocaust Centre - Phil Lyons

 Anne Frank Trust - Robert Posner

 Wiener Library - Ben Barkow

Chair: Dame Julia Cleverdon

11.30-11.45 am Coffee break

11.45am-1.00 pm An Intergenerational Conversation:

Perpetuating the legacy: Reflections and perspectives from the first, second and third generation

 Ruth Barnett

 Anita Grosz and Raymond Simonson

 Third Generation TBC

Chair: David Herman